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Taking care of your body by eating good food is a great
way to show respect to nature and to yourself.

Celebrate life by eating good food that nourishes the
body and enhances your wellbeing.
Bliss Fine Foods offers organic, delicious alternative appetizers and desserts free from gluten, dairy, casein, egg, and nuts.

In our kitchen, we use only fresh, organic, fair trade and seasonal fruits and vegetables. We hand pick the finest ingredients for our costumers because we know that it is not just a matter of food that looks good but food that is right for your body and spirit.

Our appetizers and desserts are designed for people with food allergies and a taste for fine foods.

Located in NJ, Bliss Fine Foods was founded in 2003 by Einat Mazor, a certified chef from the Natural Gourmet Institute in NYC, author of "mastering your gluten & dairy free kitchen" and a culinary consultant to fine restaurants.

Our Mission
In a world filled with processed food, toxins and chemicals we feel obligated to create pure, organic, hand crafted, appetizers and desserts, which are free from the common allergens (wheat, gluten, dairy, egg and nuts).

We deliver to NJ and NYC area
We ship everywhere. Shipping and handlings are extra

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Ginger has a natural healing agent by Asian and other cultures
Ginger is especially helpful in treating digestive issues such as nausea and diarrhea. Other medicinal uses of ginger include inflammation, heart conditions, arthritis, colic, and headaches.

Always eat at least one raw vegetable dish with every meal,
even if most of your food is cooked. The nutrients found in raw vegetables will help your digestive system.
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